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Athletics Fixtures 2020




Saturday 22nd/23rd August -Welsh League Finals  (TBC)        


Saturday 5th September - Les Davies - Brecon (TBC)



Training Update


Training will commence on 14th July 6-30pm


Initially, this will be restricted to Tuesdays, and for Under 15's and older (members only)


To abide by restrictions, each coach will be limited to 5 athletes. On line booking is in place. Please check our club Facebook site, where there will be more details of how to book.


If you don't have FB, email, stating the dates you want to come & discipline you want to practice (Sprint/Distance/Jumps/Throws/Hurdles). We will reply confirming the availability of your training place.


All athletes will be required to sign a document agreeing to abide by neccesary restricitions


A full Risk Assessment is prepared, and will outline safety measures


At this time only jumps drills will be carried out for safety reasons.