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Hereford Records women (June 18)



President - Nigel Dale.

Chairman - Richard Smith.

Deputy Chairman - Lesley Bennett.

Hon Sec. - Tony Williams.

Treasurer - Karen Morris.

Officials Sec. - Phil Wells.

Membership Sec. - Dave Brookes.

Publicity Officer - Gill Morgan.

Welfare Officers - Ian Thompson.

Club Captains - Seniors - Cara Bennett & Ben Thompson

Juniors - Darcie Jones & Will Lovejoy

Cross Country - Pat Morgan & Eva Tyler

General Committee - Kevin Barnes, Phillipa Ellis, Marc Flannery


Coaches & Captains

Lesley Bennett/Brian Morgan - U11 Coach.

Richard Smith - Pole vault.

Mary Smith & Sarah Jones  - Hurdles & Sprint.

Phil Wells - Throws.

Ian Smith - Sprints.

Tony Williams - Middle Distance.

Ian and Sam Thompson - Long Jump

                                  Marc Flannery - High Jump


Team Captains.

YDL LOWER AGE -U13-U15 – Sarah Jones

YDL U17 & U20 –  Ian Thompson

Midlands Mens & Womens League – Phil Wells.

Welsh Under 15 League - Cara Bennett

Sports Hall League - Lesley Bennett.

Cross Country - Brian Morgan, Dave Brookes, Andrew Tyler.


Please speak to any of the captains about competing in their leagues and to

let them know which events you would like to take part in.


Our committee members & coaches are also qualified track & field Judges and timekeepers. Anyone wishing to join them, please see Phil or Lesley so they can find the right course for you. We are First Aid trained and CRB checked.




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